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Dr Vinay Jacob is a fastidious and dedicated plastic surgeon who's commitment to his profession is exemplary. He is highly respected for his work in the field of cosmetic surgery as well as reconstructive surgery. Both areas have brought great changes to the lives of his patients. The housewife who has been able to reintegrate into society after her burns were covered up or the villager in the field who has lost organs due to industrial accidents, have both benefitted in equal measure thanks to Dr Jacob.

Antoine Lewis

- Food Critic
Mumbai, India

A skillful expert who asserts himself with common sense approach that is so refreshing. Pleasant & resolute he answers all your questions and is never rushed in his approach. He is a very busy, kind and courteous doctor!

Urmila Motwani

- Fashion Stylist and Designer
Mumbai, India

Dr Vinay has a very different approach. He does not do the conventional stuff! I went through the standard ear lobe repair three times and in vain. Dr. Vinay performed a different procedure as was indicated for me and I not only got my earlobe repaired, but could wear my earrings the next day! He is superb!

Pushpa Shah

- Housewife
Vile Parle
Mumbai, India

My experience Dr. Jacob and Dr. Spinzo at The Plastic Surgeons was great. They both did a lot of work to fix an issue I had with scaring and stiches that did not heal correctly along with finding and repairing a tear in the muscle in my neck that could have caused a lot of long term issues. The two of them know what they are doing and were very professional. And, this is coming from someone whose family are doctors. The part that stands out the most about them besides their experience and knowledge is the effort they put into follow up care. I genuinely feel like I am in good hands. Anyone who needs surgery in a visible area or needs a plastic surgeon I’d recommend seeing them.

Nathan Wadhwani

- Businessman
American Citizen
Mumbai, India

An excellent Doctor with many years of experience, He is an extremely talented ,gifted and caring Doctor. The Plastic Surgeons do quality work.

Clement Thomas

- Mumbai, India

No need to travel abroad when we have such a talented doctor in Mumbai. One of the best doctors so much technically sound and full of knowledge and wisdom felt lucky to have contacted Dr Vinay for my procedure. His hands are skillfully the best like a artist. Rare to find such kind and patient Doctor to hear and understand this patient, even though I was not patient with him. His cool demeanour has made me respect more. Thanks to the wonderful treatment all the old scars are gone. It is truly a miracle Dr Vinay! Cheers

Arun Kharat

- Entrepreneur
Pune, India

Vinay as the name suggests is so modest. One sometimes tend to forget that he is a renowned plastic surgeon. A simple deamanour wins him hearts. He is quite successful at such young age and I always tend to ask him for advice quite often. I wish him all the luck.

Anil Dighe

- Architect
Mumbai, India

Dr. Vinay Jacob had come to our rescue at the worst time in our life when my 11-month-old baby - Jaiditya, had suffered major burns on his face, chest & hands due to accidental exposure from hot bath water (in May 2017). It was an extremely traumatic situation for us. The most important thing during such time is the emotional comfort which the doctor could provide, especially to the mother of the child. Dr. Jacob not only made us feel very comfortable during our entire time at the hospital but he also counselled us in the right way, about managing our expectations of the recovery time from the treatment realistically. My baby was discharged from the hospital earlier than expected. The treatment provided by him at the hospital and the post-discharge follow-ups at The Plastic Surgeons centre was absolutely brilliant. My baby has almost fully recovered from the accident with no visible burn marks in such a short span of time. Thank you very much Sir for helping us!

Shikha & Bharat Agarwal

- High School Teacher & Corporate Banker
Mumbai, India

The very thought of undergoing surgery gets one's heart racing, but the serenity and assurance given by Dr Jacob made my hour spent on the operation table a rather relaxed and comfortable experience. My primary concern was the change that the procedure (lower eyelid cyst removal) would inflict on my facial appearance, but the surgery was so impeccably performed that most people failed to even realize I had undergone one. A heartfelt thankyou to Dr. Vinay Jacob and his team for such a fantastic job. Kudos.

Suzanne Varghese

- Bombay Hospital
Mumbai, India

Dr Vinay Jacob treated my son for his hand fracture. He was so approachable with excellent bed side manners and made us all feel at ease! My sons favourite Doctor!

Shailey Chheda

- Physiotherapist
Mumbai, India

I had approached Dr. Vinay Jacob in an emergency situation, with 18% body burn injuries. He immediately and relentlessly took up my case. I found him very methodical and immensely talented in his profession. Dr. Jacob’s treatment was so effective that I have barely any scars left. This undoubtedly is the amazing result of his skills and experience. Dr. Jacob followed through with the minutest of details of my treatment. Moreso he is also very compassionate. I have utmost regards and respect for Dr. Jacob and I highly recommend him.

Indira H Vithalani

- Director, Global Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, India

The modern day sculptor, for women, men and their likes!

Venkatesh Krishnan

- Mumbai, India

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