Beard Transplant in Mumbai


It’s a procedure where our Plastic Surgeons takes hair from the back or sides of the patients head and actually plants them into the follicles of the thinning or missing hair. This way the facial hair is 100% your own and will continue to grow in just like any other facial hair.

Why Client Desires A Beard Transplant?

Some men have sparse hair on the face and they want stronger lower facial appearance. Some people simply wants to reinforce and to strengthen the existing hair pattern, or to create improved symmetry or to extend the area thereby improving the shape, or the goal may be more elaborate and extensive depending on individual taste and available donor hair area.

Some men want to hide a weak chin, a scar, a previous cleft lip, or early or late aging. Depending on the size of the scar that needs to be covered, hair can be harvested using our technique of Hair Transplant. Another reason to undergo Beard transplant is in female-to-male (FTM) transgender patients for masculinity.

How To Plan?

Make a long-term plan since a body hair transplant may require several sessions.

If we will be harvesting hairs from your beard, avoid shaving for 48 hours prior the procedure. If your beard is white, you should color it the day before the procedure.

If you are from out of Mumbai, you will be required to arrive the day before the procedure and will be allowed to travel the day after.

How It Is Done?

This procedure is virtually painless. Each transplant lasts between 4-6 hours depending on how much needs to be covered. The individual is put under a local anesthetic.

What To Expect?

For the first five days after the procedure, the patient must keep their face completely dry so their face can heal. Beard harvesting sites heal very quickly and usually cause very minimal discomfort. Sometimes harvest sites can look like small white dots.

Scalp donor area heals quickly after FUE. Sometimes, you may experience slight redness of the recipient area that could persist for 4 to 8 weeks and could easily be camouflaged with makeup.

About 2 weeks after the procedure the initial transplanted hair will fall out – this is completely normal. Three months after the procedure, new facial hair will begin to grow in the follicles that the transplants were performed. This procedure is permanent and will last throughout your lifetime.