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Comestic Surgeon for Micro Surgery in Mumbai

What is Microsurgery?

Microsurgery Microsurgery is a surgical discipline that enables tissue to be transferred from one part of the body to another while ensuring that the transplanted tissue stays perfused. This is accomplished using specialized instruments and an operating microscope. These techniques enable the repair and replantation of injured or severed parts.The same techniques can also be employed to move large volumes of specialized tissues as free flaps. These permit reconstruction of defects after trauma or cancer surgery.


What are the areas the Microsurgery is used?


Microsurgery can be used in the following areas:

Hand Surgery

Limb replantation surgery

Reconstruction of the Upper Limb

Head and Neck Surgery

Lower limb reconstruction

Breast reconstruction

Trunk reconstruction

What are "flaps & free flaps"?

When you need reconstruction surgery with a plastic surgeon , tissue might be missing from a particular area of your body. "Flap" tissue is used in surgery to replace what is missing. "Flap" tissue must have a healthy blood supply before, during, and after surgery. The flap's blood supply will be kept strong by surgery designed to keep the flap's blood supply strong by your plastic surgeon.

Sometimes, the tissue on your body required for your "flap" is located far away from the part of your body that is being reconstructed. During your surgery, the "flap" may be disconnected from your body and will then be reconnected. An operation of this type is known as a "free flap" operation. To ensure a healthy blood supply to the "free flap", microsurgery will be used during the reconnection of your flap.


What are the best candidates for microsurgery?

A child who suffers physical trauma may not immediately think of plastic surgery. A child's chances of a successful reconstruction increase the sooner they reach us. Patients who have suffered physical or traumatic injuries requiring surgical reconstruction of a large amount of tissue. Complex reconstructions and microsurgery are most often performed on these people. It can also be beneficial for cancer patients whose treatment requires extensive tissue removal to undergo microsurgical reconstruction of defects.