Comestic Surgeon for Gender Change Surgery in Mumbai

What is Sex Reassignment Surgery or Gender Reassigment Surgery ?

Gender transition (sex change) is a process unique to each individual and for those who do choose to affirm their gender with a medical transition, the path often consists of counseling and a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, hormone therapy and real-life experience before genital-changing surgeries are performed.

Not all transgender people need or want these therapies. And not all transgender people undergo surgery. Those who do choose to medically transition, may select a number of procedures, or focus on just ‘top,’‘bottom’ or cosmetic surgeries. The collection of procedures is also commonly called gender reassignment surgery.


Gender Change Surgery for female to male (or that assigned female at birth (AFAB) includes:


Bilateral mastectomy

Complete hysterectomy

Reconstruction of the genitalia with a metoidioplasty (a procedure that allows a surgeon to construct a phallus from the clitoris)

Ring metoidioplasty (to lengthen the urethra)

Scrotoplasty (the construction of a scrotum)

Vaginectomy (to close off the vaginal canal)

Phalloplasty (the construction of the penis)

A penile implant (a prosthetic otherwise used to treat erectile dysfunction) and testicular implants may also be added to the reconstructed penis and testes. Although the mean length of a reconstructed penis is roughly 2 inches (5 centimeters), 80 percent of trans men in one study reported they were able to engage in sexual intercourse and most experienced orgasms.

Trans women, or those assigned males at birth (AMAB)

This is a group larger in number than trans men, may begin their physical transformation with breast augmentation (implants) , as well as with cosmetic surgeries to feminize the face and body, such as facial feminization surgery (FFS) and gluteal, hip and thigh implants / Lift before undergoing genital reconstruction.

Surgeries to create female genitalia include (sex change from male to female):

Clitoroplasty (the construction of a clitoris)

Labiaplasty (the creation of a labia from scrotum skin)

Orchiectomy (testicle removal)

Prostatectomy (the removal of the prostate)

Urethroplasty (the reconstruction of the urethra)

Vaginoplasty (the creation of the vaginal canal, made from penile tissue or a colon graft)

Penectomy (removal of the penis) is usually done concurrently with vaginoplasty and a clitoral hood is typically constructed from the glans penis


Facial Feminization Surgery

Hair Transplant / Hair Line

Rhinoplasty / Nose Job

Cheek implants

Chin Contouring / Genioplasty

Adam’s Apple Correction

Sex change operation procedures require a multi-staged approach and a team of different surgeons and doctors as plastic surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, psychologists and endocrinologists. If you are looking for sex-change surgery in Mumbai, you will be assisted by an expert team and feel comfortable in all the stages of the process.

Mental Health and Recovery after Gender Affirmation Surgery

It may take you a while to recover. It depends on the type of surgery you have. However, swelling can last anywhere from two weeks after facial surgery to four months or more after bottom surgery.

You should talk to your doctor about when you can resume your normal daily routine. Keep your doctor's appointments in the meantime. In this way, you will be able to ensure that you are healing properly following surgery.

Consult your doctor about when you can resume your normal daily routine. Meanwhile, keep your doctor's appointments. You will be able to ensure your healing is effective this way.